Seminar is aimed to help businesses tackle issue of costly fire false alarms

FIRE crews in Cambridgeshire answered 2,618 false alarms in 12 months at a cost of �334,512 says a report out today.

The figures were revealed by safety group The Fire Industry Association which is to team up with Cambridgeshire fire service to tackle the problem.

The association says it will talk to firms about ways they can reduce these false alarms and in turn reduce the cost to the fire service.

They will be co hosting with Cambs fire a seminar on Reducing False Alarms in Your Business on January 12 at the Holiday Inn Cambridge with the aim of providing practical advice and guidance on what business owners can do to reduce the risk of false alarms.

“False alarms are a serious matter for Cambridgeshire businesses,” said an association spokesman.

“If Cambridgeshire FRS can’t cut their costs in this problematic area, they may be forced into investigating the potential of a risk based non attendance policy to fire alarm calls as is in operation in other UK fire and rescue services.”

Assistant Director for Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue, Rick Hylton said: “Cambridgeshire FRS welcomes the support of the FIA to help us in driving down the number of false alarms we attend.

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“Reducing these calls will not only reduce costs but will also ensure that our fire engines are available to respond to the most serious calls as quickly as possible.”

The half-day seminar will look at false alarms, what they are, the main causes of them and focus on what businesses can do to reduce them.

The event costs �10 to attend and is bookable via the FIA’s website –