Solar PV technology comes to Fenland as Litchfield Roofing of March makes new division

A MARCH company is creating a new division to introduce new and existing customers to the substantial benefits of green energy.

Litchfield Roofing based in Thorby Avenue – which has been in Fenland for 30 years - is now set on moving into a new direction to bring Solar PV technology to the area.

Owner Graham Litchfield said: “Recently the decision was taken to expand the business into fast expanding and increasingly popular solar PV panels.

“The reason we have done this is to try and help save our existing and new customers money and at the same time to ensure Fenland does its bit for the renewable energy.”

Companies have already paved the way for green energy through wind turbines but this is a chance for individuals to benefit from green energy and see a significant reduction in the cost of their electricity bill, he said.

“People won’t necessarily consume less electricity but the solar panels enable them generate their own electricity and actually make a profit from it,” he said. An average house can make up to �1,000 a year - tax free.

Mr Litchfield said Solar PV panel demand is expected to increase 10 fold as a result of the Government’s clean energy cash back scheme, commonly known as the feed in tariff.

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This works on the principle that all the green energy produced by a consumer has to be bought by the electricity companies at a premium rate of up to 41.3p per unit.

“What we have done at Litchfield Roofing is to make this form of green energy accessible to all domestic and commercial users within the Fenland area and further afield,” said Mr Litchfield.

The new green division of Litchfield Roofing is to trade as Charbel Solar Sense and Graham has spent many months gaining an insight into the solar energy and obtaining the necessary recognised accreditations to ensure his company is equipped for the challenge.

So what happens once a customer says they would like to earn money this way?

“We will assess if the roof is south facing and is shade free and then depending on the size of roof will depend on the number of panels we can put on,” he said.

The solar panels do not require direct sunlight but ambient sunlight which means they will produce electricity even on a cloudy day.

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