Super sized cold room in Wisbech- Britain’s biggest- sold to new company but jobs safe

BRITAIN’S largest frozen warehouse – in Wisbech- is one of a pair to be told by Partner Logistics to the newly formed Ice Cold Storage Holding BV.

The Wisbech site and another in Gloucester, between them store 150,000 pallets at temperatures as low as -28�C.

They were sold as part of a deal that included sites in Europe but not a Birmingham warehouse: the new company will continue to trade as Partner Logistics and will take on the 85 staff affected. .

Jon Miles Head of UK Operations for Partner Logistics stated: “This deal will bring long-term security for our customers, plus stability for all of the Partner Logistics team in the UK.

“It will ensure that we can continue to focus on providing industry leading levels of quality and service that our customers have come to expect from us. It will also mean that we have a stable base from which to launch any new projects in the UK, when appropriate opportunities arise in the future.”