Award for company that uses data to help MS patients

GPrX Data wins national innovation award

From left: Alex Jarvis, Toppan Digital Language, award sponsors ; Joanna Burnett, GPrX Data, Rachel Dixon, Novartis UK - Credit: GPrX Data

Ely-based  GPrX Data has won a national innovation award for work with Novartis on Multiple Sclerosis to help roll-out new treatment options for patients. 

GPrX won the trophy for "Best Use of Innovation" at the British Healthcare Business Intelligence Association's 2022 annual awards 

GPrX, a specialist in NHS data analytics, have given Novartis UK a new way of identifying the hospitals where patients are being treated for Multiple Sclerosis, and which medicines they’re using.  

Novartis use this information to monitor how widely their new disease modifying therapy Kesimpta is being used across NHS trusts. 

 Kesimpta is a monthly injection that patients can give themselves.  

For some patients who would otherwise have to go into hospital for intravenous infusions, this "at home" treatment is more convenient and reduces hospital appointments, taking pressure off the NHS. 

CEO Joanna Burnett said: "I'm delighted that this data has been judged to be a real innovation in information analytics for the life sciences sector, against some strong competition.  

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“It's been rewarding to hear the positive impact our work has had for Novartis UK as they try to help people living with multiple sclerosis and their doctors assess newer drug therapies.” 

She added: “We're really proud to be playing a part in hopefully improving these patients' quality of life and reducing the burden on the NHS." 

GPrX Data was set up in 2012, with the core focus of making NHS prescribing data easily accessible for commercial business intelligence. 

The company says raw NHS prescribing data needs expertise to make it usable in a commercial setting.  

“It’s fiddly, time-consuming work requiring well-established processes and dedicated, experienced resource,” says GPrX Data. “We know this, because this is what we do.” 

Co-founder Joanna said the intelligence and analytics embedded in GPRX systems allows them to supply more than ‘just data’. 

She said they were always keen to translate complexity into really useful output that makes a difference to our clients.  

She loves a challenge; her mantra is "If it was easy, everyone would be doing it." 

Joanna said GPrX has just moved in to offices above the Babylon Gallery on Waterside, Ely, “so we’re really properly local now”. 

You can find GPrX  here