Busy Fenland road could lose school crossing patrol as council ‘reassess vacancy’

PARENTS are worried that they may permanently lose their school crossing patrol after the search for a lollipop man on a busy Fenland road drew a blank.

The previous lollipop man in County Road, March, resigned in December and Cambridgeshire County Council said they had “not been able to fill the vacancy”.

The traffic hotspot could now lose the school crossing patrol alogether with the county council set to reassess whether “a vacancy actually exists”.

Road safety campaigner Tamsin Nichols said: “We are now down for reassessment and there’s a big danger that we could lose our lollipop man altogether.

“I have had a lot of people complaining to me that there’s no lollipop man. It was awarded in the first place for a very good reason - it’s a very busy road and a lot of parents use it. I can’t see how that has changed.

“I’m absolutely livid about the whole thing.”

A county council spokesman said: “If a member of staff leaves an existing patrol site, it is now county council policy to reassess the site to determine if it still meets the required criteria.

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“Until the site on County Road has been reassessed we do not know if a vacancy actually exists.

“It is important to apply consistent policy to all patrols sites - this ensures that the budget is used to address the most needy sites in Cambridgeshire.”

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