Shop Local: Hometown favourite proves a lockdown treat for butchers

Nigel Colam (pictured), owner of Chatteris Town Butchers, said that the coronavirus pandemic has perhaps been the best...

Nigel Colam (pictured), owner of Chatteris Town Butchers, said that the coronavirus pandemic has perhaps been the best thing that could happen to independent businesses like his. Picture: IAN CARTER - Credit: Archant

As we walk into Chatteris Town Butchers, a customer wants to know more about one of owner Nigel Colam’s most popular items... the ‘Chatteris Banger’.

“Business has calmed down, but I think we are still busier than we would be in normal circumstances. We have got a few new customers, but we’ve also lost some,” Nigel said.

Every week, Nigel receives a supply of around 120kg of ‘Chatteris Bangers’, which have become a household name in the town.

The butchers on Park Street have not stopped since the pandemic began, and although they were not told to close, staying open has led to perhaps unexpected success.

“Part of lockdown has been the busiest I have ever been, barring Christmas, when people may have been panic buying,” Nigel said.

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“Covid is probably the best thing that could happen to independent butchers, and people on Facebook pages are saying the same thing.”

One of the things that Nigel, who has owned the butchers since 2014, prides himself on is presentation and the quality of his products.

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To prove this, there are framed certificates on the wall behind the meat counter from recent years, showing the achievements Nigel has earned from his work.

A stalwart in the local community, a signed photograph of Chatteris boxer Jordan Gill, whom they sponsor, also takes pride of place. And with Christmas approaching, it’s hoped more success is on its way.

“The product speaks for itself. If you do a price comparison with a supermarket, they are no dearer than us,” Nigel said.

“I say to people ‘if you think we’re expensive, buy less’. Convenience is key, too.

“We now do a delivery service on Wednesdays, which we hadn’t done before, and we will continue to do that for people who want it.

“We had a fantastic summer and those on furlough would have barbecues most nights, and for us, that’s great.

“Presentation of food is key to customers. If you move a tray of sausages, people might think ‘where are the sausages?’ I’ve had a few messages and emails regarding Christmas, but it’s still early days.”

Chatteris Town Butchers can be found on 18 Park Street, telephone 01354 694861, visit their Facebook page or their website:

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