BY GEORGE! Pub boss says historic sign left in pile of scrap will be handed to March Museum

A HISTORIC pub landmark left lying on a pile of rubbish will not be lost but handed to March Museum, publican Nigel Marsh said today.

Mr Marsh said the sign from the former George public house – which he has just taken over-, will not be destroyed but handed to the museum.

His comments came after photographer Brian Purdy took these photos of waste material from the pub- now undergoing renovation- which had been dumped at Gypsy Lane on the outskirts of town.

Mr Marsh insisted there was no fly tipping involved as he owned the road where the waste has been dumped.

Charred embers from bonfires which have taken place there during the weekend were being looked over today by two residents who went to see what was being burnt.

“The two people are my neighbours are nothing to do with the sorting and recycling we are carrying out,” said Mr Marsh.

Since acquiring the pub he has spent thousands on a refit including also renaming the pub Georges.

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Mr Marsh said: “There is no fly tipping going on here. The bonfire has been on private property and has nothing to do with Fenland Council or anyone else.

“It has been there to recycle and sort – I and my staff removed the items from the pub and took it there.”

He added that he hoped the George sign would rest alongside a sign from another former famous March pub, the Jack of Trumps.

Mr Marsh said

* Marstons has acquired the site next to Gypsy Lane for a new roadside style pub and restaurant, approval for which was given last week by Fenland Council Planning Committee.

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