CABBIE’S COMMENT: Be inspired by Barty and DECIDE to act

Dave Humphrey

Dave Humphrey - Credit: Archant

A wise man once stated “failure is temporary, success is never ending”.

Basically, failure only comes into existence once you give up, whereas successful results flourish into the future.

A heart-warming example of this is the unselfish determination of the owner of Panini’s coffee shop located in the market place in March.

As many are aware, three years ago Bartosz Alichper (known as Barty) and helpers generously sacrificed their Christmas day preparing free meals for those in need or destined to spend Christmas alone. Unfortunately nobody turned up!

Undeterred, and 12 months on, Christmas day at Panini’s was full of seasonal cheer, music and people enjoying the arguably forgotten meaning of the festive season.

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Through discussions with my passengers, what people really admired was despite nobody turning up the first year; he tried again, thus demonstrating the temporary nature of failure. So what, then, of claims that “success is never ending”?

This yea, not only was Panini’s coffee shop again full of Christmas revellers, but also full of helpers, inspired by Barty’s refusal to fail and thus themselves motivated to make a personal decision to help.

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Driving three ladies back to their homes, one said: “In a world that appears to be full of take, take, take, I didn’t realise the kindness and generosity I have experienced today still existed” almost bringing some to tears, she continued “it’s been overwhelming, today has genuinely given me reason to live again, I am looking forward to the new year and visiting my grandson”

Additionally, in Wisbech market place husband and wife team Beverly and Steve opened up their burger van on Christmas day to offer free hot food and drink to those in need. Was this inspired by Bartys determination and success last year, maybe? But this decision itself went on to encourage others to handout blankets, coats, fruit and veg etc.

The point is - courage, honesty, generosity, kindness even success or failure are often simply decisions. We decide to stand or run, tell the truth or lie, give or look the other way, give up or try again.

People like Barty inspire people to make good decisions which in turn motivate others. So the next time we are in a position to help someone, including ourselves, let’s try to remember Barty, be inspired, and simply DECIDE to act, who knows what future events that decision will instigate.

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