Cabinet meeting in Wisbech was not just symbolism but about listening and now doing

UNLIKE the people who look down their noses and make snide remarks about places such as Fenland and Wisbech I am a frequent visitor to the area.

That is why when hearing from John Elworthy, editor of the Wisbech Standard AND Cambs Times that once again Wisbech had unjustly been criticized, it was time for the county council to show its continuing support for its community.

On Tuesday, for the first time, the council’s Cabinet moved to Wisbech. But this was not just symbolism, it was about listening to the local community.

The day kicked off with a well attended breakfast meeting arranged by John and Archant Newspapers. It was the perfect start to the day creating a real buzz and can-do mood attitude.

After a good Cabinet meeting and with a break in tradition we held a public question and answer session.

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Cabinet members, officers and colleagues from Fenland District Council then spent the afternoon travelling around the area visiting projects and looking at where we could improve things.

From the feedback I have been given and the coverage I have seen I think this was a massive success.

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Wisbech has some particular issues, including areas of high deprivation, but it is also a vibrant town with lots of promise and successes.

What stood out was a willingness from all organisations to make improvements happen and to grow prosperity and opportunities. I want to thank everyone for their help and dedication yesterday.

This is only achievable if we all pull together and it was good to see the local media playing such a vital role in not only reporting it but championing the area and being involved in taking action.

I would also like to thank our officers who made this all possible, especially Dan Thorpe, Mike Davey and his team as well as Chief Executive Mark Lloyd.

Especially as they and their colleagues all now are busily looking at moving some of the actions raised on the day forward.

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