Call for safety improvements at a March road junction

Collette Arnold at Gaul road junction with the petition.

Collette Arnold at Gaul road junction with the petition. - Credit: Archant

A safety campaign has been launched by a teaching assistant calling for improvements at a dangerous road junction in March.

Collette Arnold at Gaul road junction with the petition.

Collette Arnold at Gaul road junction with the petition. - Credit: Archant

The Facebook campaign was started following a crash last week and has already attracted more than 260 signatures.

Gaul road junction

Gaul road junction - Credit: Archant

The petition has stepped up a pace with volunteers going out to gather door to door signatures in a bid to make local and national government sit up and take notice of the need to improve the junction with either a roundabout or traffic lights where there have been nine accidents in the last five years.

As news of the petition spreads councillors revealed that talks have been under way with developers Cannon Kirk to discuss installing traffic lights at the site.

The campaign began following an accident involving a motorcyclist and a 4x4 vehicle at the junction of Gaul Road with the A141 at March last Tuesday.

Mother of four Collette Arnold, who works at Burrowmoor Primary School, and has to cross the bypass daily to get to her home on the other side, said: “Every day it feels like I take my life into my own hands crossing that road.

“The number of smashes and near misses is ridiculous, the number of signatures gathered in a short space of time proves that people are fed up of seeing the misery of accidents at that junction.

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“How many more families have got to suffer their loved one being in a crash for anyone to sit up and take notice?”

The junction has become busier in the last few years as more homes are built on the new estates off Gaul Road.

It is also used as an alternative short cut route to get to the bypass to Tesco when the town centre is busy, Mrs Arnold said.

“It may be costly providing a roundabout or traffic lights but it is costly wasting resources on providing police, ambulance crew and air ambulances to the site of accidents, there has to be a better solution,” she said.

Councillors Jan French, Kit Owen and Rob Skoulding revealed they have met with Gaul Road developers Cannon Kirk for the last two months to discuss installing traffic lights at the junction.

Mrs French said: “We are working closely with Cannon Kirk to have traffic lights put in sooner rather than later.

“Discussions now need to take place with Cannon Kirk and County Council. There is another meeting this week. We are working very closely on this one.”

A county council spokesman said Gaul Road was an “accident cluster site” with one fatal and eight injury accidents in the last five years.

“We would be happy to receive the petition to see what changes are possible with county council funding or contributions funded from elsewhere,” the spokesman said.

A Fenland District Council spokesman said that developers Cannon Kirk were required to make safety improvements at the Gaul Road junction as part of planning permission granted for 135 homes.

The developers have applied to extend the time limit for compliance to 2014 or by construction of the 50th dwelling. The application is pending.