Calls for evening bus service to help stranded Wisbech workers who are being forced to pay for expensive taxis

Embling's have stopped running. Picture: Steve Williams.

Embling's have stopped running. Picture: Steve Williams. - Credit: Archant

Commuters are calling for an evening bus service to be introduced so workers no longer have to fork out for expensive taxis.

The loss of bus services provided by Embling’s and Judd’s means workers in Wisbech have been left stranded.

A bus used to run at 5.40pm from Wisbech to March and Manea, but now the latest one leaves the town at 4.30pm.

As a result, people who work in Wisbech until 5pm or 5.30pm can no longer rely on the bus for transport.

One woman, who lives in Elm, says she is paying £7.50 per day to get a taxi home following the cancellation of the Embling’s service.

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Stagecoach, which operates Norfolk Green (who provide the 56 service), tendered for the early morning service and was awarded the contract from Cambridgeshire County Council.

However, the council did not tender for a provider for the 5.40pm service. And Andy Campbell, of Stagecoach, says it is not “commercially viable” for his company to operate without the county council’s backing.

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MP Steve Barclay says the council should tender an evening service so people can use the bus to get home.

He said: “Our area is poorly provided with public transport. The recent loss of two bus companies and the services they provided has impacted on passengers who rely on them to get to and from work.

“It is unrealistic for people to pay out £7.50 per day to use a taxi to get home, especially if they only work part time and are on a minimum wage.

“People in our rural communities who don’t have access to a car rely on these services to reach shops, work and education and it is therefore important they are maintained.

“I hope Cambridgeshire County Council will consider tendering for a later service from Wisbech so people can get home from work.”

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