Residents urged to cut down food waste in climate ‘wake-up call’

Cambridgeshire residents are being asked to cut down on their food waste in a bid to tackle climate change this Food Waste...

Cambridgeshire residents are being asked to cut down on their food waste in a bid to tackle climate change this Food Waste Action Week. - Credit: East Cambridgeshire District Council 

Residents across Cambridgeshire are being urged to cut down on food waste amid a climate change “wake-up call”.  

The Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Waste Partnership (RECAP) is calling on everyone to do their bit during Food Waste Action Week between March 1 and 7.  

RECAP Chair Cllr Murphy said: “Cambridgeshire and Peterborough residents are very resourceful, recycling over half of their household waste.  

“But when it comes to food we are all throwing too much of it away uneaten, and that’s a waste – of food, water, land, energy and greenhouse gas emissions.  

“We should all use this week as a wake-up call to take action.” 

Seventy per cent of all wasted food in the UK comes from our homes - that’s 4.5 million tonnes of delicious food wasted. 

In east Cambridgeshire, East Cambs Street Scene is joining forces with Ely Markets to launch a competition for Food Waste Action Week. 

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David Ambrose-Smith, chairman of the operational services committee at East Cambridgeshire District Council, said: “As a council, we have shown in recent years that we are wholly committed to tackling any issues that pose a threat to our natural environment and food waste is included in this. 

“In east Cambridgeshire alone, a waste analysis which took place in 2018/19 found that the average family throws away a staggering 87kg of edible food every year – the equivalent of 57 chickens. 

“The statistics that have been provided by Food Waste Action Week reminds us that we can all play our part to make a difference.” 

Julia Huffer, member champion for waste and recycling, said: “We are delighted to be supporting such a great initiative and highlighting our responsibility to do more to waste less food every day. 

“Our competition will not only offer fantastic prizes, but will promote the invaluable awareness of how to make the most of the food we buy – we urge everyone in the local area to take part and help combat this growing issue.” 

All food waste, such as cooked and raw fish and meat, eggshells, cheese, fruit and vegetables, tea bags and coffee grounds, can all be disposed of in your green lidded bin. 

Plastic and biobags cannot be placed into green bins and instead, food waste should be wrapped in newspaper or paper bags to prevent it from sticking to the bin. 

Tips on how to reduce food waste including meal planning and buying only what you need, can be found on