Cambridgeshire company that exploited workers has Gangmasters Licence revoked


- Credit: Archant

A CAMBRIDGESHIRE recruitment company has had its Gangmasters Licence revoked.

Gangmasters Licensing Authority inspectors discovered INTERecruit (GB) Ltd, of Lincolnshire Road, Peterborough, was controlled by a disqualified director, paid its workers less than the National Minimum Wage and withheld holiday pay from workers.

They will no longer be able to supply workers to the farming, horticulture, food processing and packaging, shellfish and forestry sectors.

GLA chief executive Paul Broadbent said: “INTERecruit was a company looking to cut corners and improve its profits by taking advantage of lowly-paid and vulnerable people.

“Charging fees that take pay below the legal minimum wage, not allowing sufficient days off and ignoring any complaints were all discovered to be happening within this business.”