Meet the community heroes going above and beyond during the coronavirus pandemic

PUBLISHED: 13:32 16 April 2020 | UPDATED: 13:55 16 April 2020

Meet the heroes from across Cambridgeshire going above and beyond to help their community during the coronavirus lockdown. Pictures: Submitted

Meet the heroes from across Cambridgeshire going above and beyond to help their community during the coronavirus lockdown. Pictures: Submitted


A new breed of superhero is operating across Cambridgeshire, it’s time to meet the people going above and beyond during the coronavirus pandemic.

Working around the clock to support their community during the COVID-19 outbreak, these people are risking their lives to help others.

We asked you to submit entries and reveal all about these super-humans so that we could give them the recognition and spotlight they truly deserve.

Make sure to share this list of amazing individuals, which is in no particular order, and if you feel someone is missing be sure to let us know.

Your Cambridgeshire Coronavirus Heroes:

• ‘My Son’, March – by Sharran Hayes

Is someone going above and beyond in your community? Tell us about it so we can shout about it in our newspapers. Picture: Getty Images/WikiMediaIs someone going above and beyond in your community? Tell us about it so we can shout about it in our newspapers. Picture: Getty Images/WikiMedia

“My son works for Whitemoor Prison as a prison officer. Each day he goes to work and there is no drama from him, but the day ahead has many dramas of its own.

“He will come back with cuts and bruises where an attack could have taken place at any time, he has to face the fact he can bring this virus back to us twice.

“He has been sent home, unable to work for seven days at a time and he is not allowed to see his young family, not knowing if has the virus or not to keep us safe.

“He is looking after the inmates, there is a lack of PPE and no testing for him and no thanks from anyone else. He troops on.

“All I can say is, son you’re my hero and always will be. I thank you for your work keeping the community safe, from a thankful mother.”

Rebecca Garry, occupational therapy team manager at Cambridgeshire County Council. Picture: SubmittedRebecca Garry, occupational therapy team manager at Cambridgeshire County Council. Picture: Submitted

• Rebecca Garry, March – by Emily Garry

“I’m proud of her as she set up the corona support group in March.

“She works as an occupational therapy team manager in social care for Cambridgeshire County Council as well as being a full-time mum.

“She has also been collecting prescriptions for people and helping vulnerable people. She had been working overtime hours and being on call to support colleagues and worker.”

• Bradley Watts (aged 9), Isleham – by Cherie Watts

Nine-year-old Bradley Watts from Isleham. Picture: SubmittedNine-year-old Bradley Watts from Isleham. Picture: Submitted

“He has got his inspiration from my mums friend Cathrine, featured in the local news last week who is a NHS nurse and is only able to see her daughter through a window.

“Today he was inspired by the war veteran, who is raising money for the NHS with sponsored walk in his garden.

“With this in mind, he has now decided that he is going to do a fundraising run next week to also raise money for the NHS during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Due to his asthma and the lockdown he has decided to give up his one form of outside exercise Monday to Friday next week (April 20 to 24) to run 6k a day (30k total).

“He will run around the village recreation ground in Isleham to raise money for the NHS as he wants to do something to help support them as they are our national heros.

Personal trainer Emily Morris from March. Picture: SubmittedPersonal trainer Emily Morris from March. Picture: Submitted

“He already has a very busy schedule during the week as he already does PE with Joe Wick every morning along with his home schooling and also is a member of the Ely Kuk Sool Won community, where he trains 5 days a week to keep him active.

“Now he is wanting to give up his only bit of free time next week to raise as much money as possible, to help make a difference by raising money for the NHS.

“He has always been our little hero as he always puts others before him, he is a loving and fantastic child, but I would love for him to be recognised for the true hero he is.”

• Emily Morris, March – by Emma Frost

“She is a personal trainer, works in a gym and does exercise classes.

Tracey Harley from Doddington is still working hard. Picture: SubmittedTracey Harley from Doddington is still working hard. Picture: Submitted

“During this lock down Emily has been messaging her clients checking in on them with positive quotes and personal messages keeping us all going and doing live workouts through her Facebook page keeping us all motivated physically and mentally.

“I would like to say Thank you Emily, keep up the good work. From Emma and all your clients.”

• Jade at Ness Road petrol station, Burwell – by Lee Dace

“I would like to thank Jade from Ness Road petrol station in Burwell for her extraordinary positivity around this horrific time.

“She and her team have kept spirits high and have stuck to keeping people safe. Jade is always there helping the locals and she is very appreciated.”

Karen Sullivan with her team in Burwell. Picture: SubmittedKaren Sullivan with her team in Burwell. Picture: Submitted

• Tracy Harley, Doddington – by Gemma Aylward

“My mum is currently still going to work; she works for a building society. She always has time to make sure people are ok and making sure they have everything they need.

“When I had to self-isolate for two weeks, she bought me shopping and I have three children and she made sure they had something to keep them occupied as I wasn’t feeling great.

“It was so hard to see her and not be able to hug her and say thank you. She also helps make sure her two other daughters family have everything they need.

“She has also done a shop for some people around near where she lives, some I believe are in isolation and some are elderly and there are some that cannot get to the supermarket as they have no transport.

Carers at the reablement team in March. Pictures: SubmittedCarers at the reablement team in March. Pictures: Submitted

“She doesn’t ever accept anything in return and won’t take no for an answer if she’s offered something.

“She has always been my hero and always someone I have looked up to and if there was more people like her in the world it would be a much better place.

“Thank you, it is nice to know that the local paper is making sure people get the recognition they deserve and made sure they have been noticed.”

• Fenland Farmers – by Katie Kynaston

“I can’t name a single hero however think it’s important the farmers are remembered.

“They are still growing and rearing food for us to buy in the supermarkets, as well as the agricultural engineers keeping the machines running.

“I think this is definitely something to highlight, given the area we live in.”

• Mathew Powell, March – by Michelle Powell

“He has been running a coronavirus hub from home since the beginning. Going out all hours to deliver what people are needing.

“The hub has quietened down over the last few days, so now he is helping FACT.”

• 50 Backpacks Vision, Wisbech – by Richard Bell

“I would like you to recognise the work that 50 backpacks have been doing for the community with delivering food parcels to those who are self-isolating.

“If I need to single out a driving force behind this success it would be Simon Crowson who is also known as Spike.

“My thanks to them for their hard work. and supplying myself with a food parcel when I couldn’t get out as I need to self-isolate for 12 weeks.”

• Karen Sullivan, Burwell – by Danika Sillivan

“I would like to nominate my mum as a Coronavirus hero! She is still working as a career for the elderly, picking up extra shifts to cover other staff when they’re isolating and doing what she can to be there for the residents.

“She’s still working extra hard even though my dad is classed as vulnerable at home because she’s trying to help as many people as possible.

“She is one of the hardest working women I know, and I am so proud of her!”

• Reablement care team, March – by Jade Youngs

“I work for the reablement team and we are a care team in the community getting people back to independence of their everyday life.

“Due to being at high risk, I’m not at work at the moment. But I’d like to put forward my colleagues as they go above and beyond every day.

“Since the start of this they have picked up extra work and risk their lives going round in the community doing everything they can, they deserve credit.

“I know everyone is doing their part and doing a brilliant job, but I’d like them to recognised for all their hard work and longs days of going above and beyond.”

• Camille Altman, Hemingford Grey – by Martin Grantham

“She started helping us as a friend two weeks before lockdown as we went into isolation.

“Now she is still continuing supporting us, and other friends as well as being part of the Hemingford Hub. Always running around with shopping and prescription deliveries.”

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