Cambridgeshire crime figures down with 24 per cent drop in robbery offences

CRIME has fallen by eight per cent in Cambridgeshire but drugs and fraud offences are on the rise, according to the latest figures.

Home Office statistics reveal that for the 12 months ending June 30, there were 50,140 crimes - down from 54,732 in the previous year.

There were double-digit falls in domestic burglaries, vehicle crimes, criminal damage, sexual offences, violence against a person and a huge 24 per cent drop in robberies.

But there was a five per cent rise in the number of recorded drugs offences - with the police continuing to crack down on the supply and production of drugs in the county. There was also an eight per cent rise in fraud and forgery crimes.

Chief Constable Simon Parr said: “The force has and continues to undergo significant changes so I am delighted that crime continues to fall, and that fewer people have become victims in that period.

“The fall of nearly a quarter in robberies and a significant drop in domestic burglaries are particularly pleasing as they are crimes that have such an impact on victims.

“Having said this, we must remain focused and avoid complacency as we look forward to seeing the force’s restructure bedding in and meeting significant financial challenges.”

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Crime Figures

All crime

2010/2011 (to end of June) 54,732

2011/2012 (to end of June) 50,140

Percentage change -8

Dwelling burglary

2010/2011 (to end of June) 3163

2011/2012 (to end of June) 2807

Percentage change -11


2010/2011 (to end of June) 543

2011/2012 (to end of June) 415

Percentage change -24

Vehicle Crime

2010/2011 (to end of June) 5279

2011/2012 (to end of June) 4695

Percentage change -11

Violence against the person

2010/2011 (to end of June) 10,272

2011/2012 (to end of June) 8926

Percentage change -13

Sexual offences

2010/2011 (to end of June) 750

2011/2012 (to end of June) 649

Percentage change -14

Fraud and forgery

2010/2011 (to end of June) 1773

2011/2012 (to end of June) 1914

Percentage change +8

Criminal damage

2010/2011 (to end of June) 8829

2011/2012 (to end of June) 7790

Percentage change -12

All drugs offences

2010/2011 (to end of June) 2694

2011/2012 (to end of June) 2842

Percentage change +5

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