Police chief vows for 'high-quality service' after Sarah Everard murder

Chief Constable Nick Dean at Ely Cathedral

Chief Constable Nick Dean attended the justice service at the Ely Cathedral on Sunday with the new High Sheriff Caroline Bewes DL. He was accompanied by Jade and Billy who are the High Sheriff’s two police cadets. - Credit: Cambridgeshire Constabulary

Cambridgeshire Chief Constable Nick Dean reassured the public that the county’s police force will continue to deliver a “high-quality service” in the wake of the murder of Sarah Everard. 

Mr Dean spoke as an inquiry into why Metropolitan Police officer Wayne Couzens remained in the force was announced after he raped, kidnapped and murdered Ms Everard. 

“This shocking case has inevitably resulted in a challenge to policing’s relationship with the public and the very trust and confidence which we enjoy with our communities,” Mr Dean said. 

“At a time, such as this, it is important that we do not lose sight of what we are here to do – to continue to ‘police’ with the utmost integrity and impartiality.” 

Mr Dean vowed that Cambridgeshire police officers are aware that public approval “should not be taken for granted” following Ms Everard’s death. 

He said: “My officers and staff strive to deliver a high-quality service to the public, sometimes in very testing circumstances. 

“I am confident that we will continue to do so, even if the trust and confidence that we enjoy here in Cambridgeshire is challenged.” 

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Mr Dean highlighted that residents can get in touch with police to check that they are dealing with a police officer as part of a two-way verification process. 

Cambridgeshire police’s demand hub can reassure members of the public if they call 101 and speak to an operator stating they are with a police officer or staff member and want to verify their identity. 

The police officer’s or staff’s details will then be taken, checked and the operator will then tell the officer or confirm over the phone. 

Or, a police officer or staff member can contact the force’s control room stating a member of the public wants verification, which the operator would then confirm over radio or contact the person over the phone. 

“We know the impact this individual has had on the confidence of the public in policing, as it has on every member of every police force across the country who are here to keep you safe and to prevent and detect crime,” Mr Dean added. 

“We will do what we can to reassure you that we are a professional police service, here to protect our community and make Cambridgeshire a safe place to live and work.” 

Couzens was given a whole-life prison term for the murder of Ms Everard, whom he abducted under the impression of an arrest on March 3.