Cambridgeshire police efforts to find actor Warwick Davis’ stolen caravan spark media outcry over ‘favouritism’

Warwick Davis

Warwick Davis - Credit: Archant

Police are under-fire after launching a public appeal to find a stolen caravan belonging to Star Wars actor Warwick Davis.

Warwick Davis

Warwick Davis - Credit: Archant

Disgruntled readers of the Cambs Police Facebook page claim the actor has been given special treatment because of his celebrity-status.

It’s a claim, though, denied by police.

A spokesman for Cambridgeshire police said: “We have not treated this crime any differently to any other.

“If we had good CCTV relating to an incident, and it was appropriate, we would release it as an appeal.

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“The difference is it may not get as much publicity because not everyone is Warwick Davis.”

But Sam Deegan wrote: “This is the first caravan you have put up.

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“I’ve had my van broken into three times this year and haven’t heard anything. As soon as a celebrity gets something stolen you put it on here; unfair justice.”

Si Dow said: “Fair enough that Warwick has had his caravan stolen it’s not nice but I agree with others on here.

“Why should the police pay special attention to it just because of his celebrity status?

“I lost over £6,000 of fishing tackle and a push-bike from my garden shed earlier this year, some with sentimental value and I don’t remember this sort of attention being paid?”

But others came to the defence with Amy Hollinshead posting: “You miserable bunch. Wouldn’t you use your celebrity status to find something if it was stolen? I know I would!

“Catch those who stole this and it may prevent further van thefts in our area.”

Lisa Blackman said: “I had my caravan stolen and it wasn’t publicised.

“That doesn’t mean that Warwick’s shouldn’t be. To be fair he created the attention in the first place with his posts to a massive Twitter following. The social media campaign makes it news in itself.”

Jamie Fear said: “I can’t believe the attitude of some of the people on here. Just because you had your van stolen and YOU didn’t use social media to try to find it doesn’t mean that Warwick shouldn’t.

“The campaign was started by Warwick himself on Twitter. Just bear that in mind before you start accusing people and the police of favouritism.”

Kelly-Marie Shield said: “He is not the only person to have their caravan stolen. I had mine stolen earlier this year and yet Cambridgeshire constabulary were not interest.”

Penny Freeland wrote that “my son’s motorbike was stolen and it wasn’t put on there.... It’s all in the name I guess and publicity.”

And Clare Brennan reminded police that “mine got torched in Yaxley along with my barn... both full of sentimental things and crucial equipment for my horses.

“I never even got a follow up call”.

Warwick’s Swift Cranfield caravan was stolen from Short Drove in Holme near Yaxley on October 8 and the star, who appeared as an Ewok in the Star Wars series and Professor Filius Flitwick in Harry Potter, posted on social media about the theft.

He tweeted: “My touring caravan was stolen in Cambridgeshire last night even though it was locked up with hitch & wheel lock! I want to swear... #rotters”

Following Warwick’s own appeal police posted on the Facebook site with PC Mat Belfitt, officer in the case, saying: “Warwick and his family have been left really upset by the theft as their caravan contained a lot of sentimental items.

“Many appeals have been made on social media using #FindWarwicksCaravan, please do help spread the word and call us on 101 if you have any information.”

Officers also wanted to speak to two men captured on CCTV, who have since been found, and Cambridgeshire Constabulary posted: “We would like to thank everyone who made contact regarding the two men previously pictured.

“Please be aware that we have spoken with them and they are witnesses who are helping with our investigations – they are not suspected to be involved. “Please continue to share and help us find the caravan.”

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