Cambridgeshire Police save £13.3m thanks to modern technology and working as part of a three-force partnership

Cambridgeshire Police make savings of £13.3m

Cambridgeshire Police make savings of £13.3m - Credit: Archant

A saving of more than £13.3million has been made by Cambridgeshire Police thanks in part to improved technology cutting back on administration time.

The savings achieved between 2013 up to 2016 have been made without reducing the number of frontline police officers, according to a report.

Cambridgeshire Police and Crime Commissioner Sir Graham Bright said significant savings were expected through working with other forces, notably with Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Police.

A “strategic alliance” has been agreed between the three forces who now collaborate on areas like roads policing, major crime and procurement.

Sir Graham said: “Teams across the alliance are preparing plans to find further savings and several other areas of potential collaboration are being explored.

“At the same time there has been a significant investment in the adoption of modern mobile technology. Officers are being equipped with smart phones and tablets with the ability to examine 27 databases automatically and enable simultaneous completion of multiple administrative forms.

“This offers significant potential savings to back-office functions.”

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The number of officers in 2015/16 will be 1,343 with 990 of these being local policing officer posts.

A total of 816 police staff and 150 police community support officers are included in the budget. There will also be 300 Special Constables.

Sir Graham said: “I would like to thank everyone who has been involved in meeting these savings targets over the last three years.

“Everyone has risen to the challenge of finding savings in every corner of the organisation to help balance the budget.

“To be in this position without having had to reduce officer numbers is a fantastic achievement.”

Sir Graham recognised that the biggest challenges are yet to come: “The savings we need to achieve moving forward will require some tough decisions and changes to the way we work.

“It will require innovative thinking by my office and by the constabulary.”