Cambridgeshire’s former county council leader Nick Clarke questions police and crime commissioner over Wisbech crime rate

The interactive crime map for this area shows level of crime in Wisbech compared to the rest of Fenl

The interactive crime map for this area shows level of crime in Wisbech compared to the rest of Fenland. This was for July, 2015 - Credit: Archant

Former Cambridgeshire County Council leader Nick Clarke has launched an attack on the county’s Police and Crime Commissioner over what he has dubbed Wisbech’s ‘torrid’ time over crime.

Nick Clarke

Nick Clarke - Credit: Archant

Mr Clarke, who is UKIP’s Cambridgeshire delegate on the Eastern Counties Committee, wrote in an online blog: “Is policing up to the mark in Wisbech? What is the police and crime commissioner doing about it?”

He continues: “Wisbech seems to be having a torrid time when it comes to crime. Between August 2014 and July 2015 out of a total of 2,808 cases there were 1,609 incidents of anti-social behaviour. Criminal damage and arson accounted for 471 cases and violent and sexual offences were 725.

“So what happens to all this crime? It seems that 209 cases are under investigation, 308 cases were dealt with by the police, 191 offenders were sent to court. But ...

“In 1,904 cases no further action was taken. Yes that’s 67.8 per cent of the cases. For some reason it was not able to prosecute the suspect.

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“In 1,247 cases no suspect was identified, in 32 cases it was deemed not in the public interest to prosecute.”

Mr Clarke, who describes himself as enjoying golf, cricket and gardening whilst keeping an eye out for business opportunities and non executive positions, concludes: “Crime rates in the town are increasing month on month. What is the police and crime commissioner doing to protect the people of Wisbech?”

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And he invites readers to see the data for themselves via the Home Office website:

His outpouring solicited one comment with the person writing: “Hardly surprising Wisbech police told me to use Amazon to look for my stolen camper van. Never see a police person round here, and a councillor told me police don’t attend town council meetings.”

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