Cambridgeshire smokers lack motivation to quit, research says

SMOKERS in Cambridgeshire have “no motivation” for wanting to quit, research has revealed.

The health website also found that more than half of smokers in the county blame lack of support for failing to kick the habit in the past after surveying 3,000 adults.

However Wisbech pharmarcist Paul Hempsall said: “We know it’s a difficult process – so we’re here to offer ongoing support for as long as the patient needs it.”

As a result smokers will be given free health checks and individual quit plans at Mr Hempsall’s Parson Drove Pharmacy.

Mr Hempsall said: “All smokers have to do is walk in off the street without the need for an appointment and we’ll be there to assist them with all the support and encouragement they need to tackle their cravings.”

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Those who do accept help will get a private consultation to help plan how to tackle their habit realistically before getting lung function, blood pressure and cholesterol checks.

These can then be followed up to help chart improvement over time and decide on the best nicotine replacement therapy to suit their needs.

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Mr Hempsall admitted: “Quitting is easier said than done.

“With people trying an average of five times before they are successful, the cravings can leave you irritable, depressed and restless – so full support is essential for success.”

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