Police urge residents to follow Tier 4 rules this New Year’s Eve

Police in Fenland and Cambridgeshire are urging residents to follow the Tier 4 rules this New Year’s Eve.

Police in Fenland and Cambridgeshire are urging residents to follow the Tier 4 rules this New Year’s Eve. - Credit: Heather Shevlin/Unsplash 

Police in Cambridgeshire and the Fens are urging residents to continue following the Government’s Tier 4 rules on New Year’s Eve.  

Officers released a statement on social media early this morning (December 30) reminding people to stay safe during 2021 celebrations.  

On a normal year, Cambridgeshire residents would be partying with friends and family at home, in pubs or traveling to London for the fireworks.  

This year’s celebrations will look very different due to Covid-19 restrictions in place to stop the spread of coronavirus between households.  

A spokesperson for Cambridgeshire Police said: “Please follow the Tier 4 rules for New Year’s Eve. 

“You can only meet indoors with your household and support bubble. 

“If you’re on your own outdoors, you can mix with one person from another household.” 

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The police can take action against you if you meet in larger groups, this includes breaking up illegal gatherings and issuing fines. 

You can be given a fine of £200 for the first offence, doubling for further offences up to a maximum of £6,400.  

If you hold, or are involved in holding, an illegal gathering of over 30 people, the police can issue fines of £10,000. 

To read the full set of rules, visit: www.gov.uk/guidance/tier-4-stay-at-home