Cambs County Council leader should be applauded for wanting to scrap turbines plan

CAMBRIDGESHIRE County Council leader Nick Clarke states “people of Cambridgeshire do not want wind farms, we should listen to those views”. This courageous stance is to be applauded.

It will be welcomed within rural communities that have to deal with the impacts of wind farms on their lives and local environment.

The council had proposed to allow wind farms on its farms estate. I bitterly opposed such actions, I just could not believe that our county council was prepared to sacrifice landscape and skylines for cash.

The reversal of this environmentally damaging proposal does indeed return “local democracy” to the people who over the past decade have never been consulted about wind developments.

Cllr Clarke’s decision has left some so-called greens furious.

Fellow councillor Nicola Harrison says she would support a wind turbine on Parker’s Piece in Cambridge. In doing so Nicola gives insight into her complete lack of understanding and knowledge she has about the impacts the industrial wind turbine has on people and the environment. This unfortunately is prevalent amongst those that impose their green ideals on others.

If the Whittlesey turbine was to be placed on Parker’s Piece, its past history would ensure that people in the vicinity may have been killed or injured by 2kg ice projectiles thrown off the turbine, as was the case in Whittlesey.

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Forget feeding the birds, turbines disrupt feeding and breeding grounds of wildlife. They also kill birds and bats.

Sitting under sweeping shadows during the lunch break might be slightly nauseous for some, Cambridge’s historic buildings and monuments would be dwarfed by a gigantic industrial machine that will draw the eye and be the focal point in Cambridge.

As piling and excavation works commence, a massive hole appears which will be filled with tons of polluting concrete to keep the silly thing in place (they have also fallen over).

Also interesting is the prospect of 60m construction lorries negotiating Cambridge city roads.

If some liberal minded democrats had their way this silly but dangerous proposal could become reality. Parts of rural Cambridgeshire have already been decimated by this heavy negative (dead end technology).

I wonder if Nicola or others still support a turbine on this famous and historical oasis within the city of Cambridge?

How ridiculous!


Cambs Environmental and Wildlife Protection

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