Cambs County Council’s plans for keeping roads clear is interesting read - but what about pavements?

I WAS interested to read your story about Cambridgeshire County Council’s plans for keeping the roads clear.

However, one of the major problems last year and the result of a lot of activity at A&E departments was caused by icy pavements.

Did my namesake Mark Kemp (the county council’s director of highways) have anything to say on that subject, because there was a lot of controversy about which authority was supposed to be responsible last year and as a result nothing was done.

Having walked into March this week the pavements had that ‘accidents waiting to happen’ look and it certainly puts a lot of older people off from going shopping with the resultant effect on town businesses.

As for the pavements leading to doctor’s surgeries, care homes, sheltered accommodation etc I shudder to think, if last year is anything to go by.


Scargells Lane

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