Driver ‘blacked out’ with suspected heart attack before crash 

Scene in March on Friday when a woman blacked out and crashed into a bungalow. 

Scene in March on Friday when a woman blacked out and crashed into a bungalow. - Credit: Policing Fenland

A woman is thought to have blacked out with a suspected heart attack before she crashed into a bungalow.  

Friends of the 73-year-old woman say she is in hospital having a pacemaker fitted following the crash.  

One friend who has spoken to her said: “She had been under a huge amount of family stress prior to the incident. 

“I assume it all built up and caused this to happen”. 

The woman, ironically, lives near the bungalow which she crashed into at Fleming Court, March, on Friday evening.  

Her friend said she had been with the woman on the day of the crash and they had talked about family issues, and the stress she was under.  

“When I spoke to her over the weekend, she is unable to recall what happened,” said the friend.  

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“She simply blacked out and from all accounts had a mild heart attack.” 

The woman’s Peugeot is provided by the state through its mobility scheme and the friend says she is now concerned about a replacement.  

“Luckily the air bag worked and saved her serious injury,” she said. “But she was also badly bruised.” 

The roof of the crashed Peugeot was removed and the driver extracted and taken by ambulance to hospital. 

The occupants of the 1970s bungalow damaged by the crash are not thought to have to have been hurt.  

Fleming Court was built for the over 55s as a self-sufficiency scheme for people who require extra safety and security and access to a 24 /7 alarm system. 

The car drove onto the grassed area outside the property before crashing into the bungalow. 

Police described the incident as “car vs house”. 

A Fenland police spokesperson said: “Officers from the Special Constabulary supported by the Fenland Neighbourhood Policing Team attended a single vehicle RTC at Fleming Court, March tonight (Friday 20.08.21) 

“Officers worked alongside Cambridgeshire Fire & Rescue, East of England Ambulance Service & MAGPAS at the scene.” 

The spokesperson said the driver of the Peugeot was freed by the fire service and was taken to Peterborough City Hospital. 

“The vehicle was recovered at the scene and enquiries are ongoing into this collision,” said the spokesperson.