Dessert-lover travelled 150 miles north for ‘TikTok famous’ waffle


How far would you travel for a dessert? - Credit: TikTok/DollysDesserts 

A dessert-lover with a sweet tooth travelled more than 150 miles up north from Cambridgeshire to indulge in a ‘TikTok famous’ waffle treat.  


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With more than half-a-million followers on the social media app TikTok, Dollys Desserts, located in Barnsley, Yorkshire, is clearly the place to be.  


How a DollysDesserts bubble waffle begins. - Credit: TikTok/DollysDesserts

In a video with more than one million views, a Cambridgeshire resident is seen arriving at the shop to collect their Lotus bubble waffle topped with Kinder sauce.  

“How far would you travel just to get a dessert,” asked the sweet treat shop owner on camera.  


The happy Cambridgeshire customer at Dollys Desserts in Yorkshire. - Credit: TikTok/DollysDesserts

“If you don’t know where Cambridge is from Barnsley, it’s literally three-and-a-half hours away, like that is ridiculous... obviously I filmed it for a TikTok.”  

@DollysDesserts on TikTok

Dollys Desserts, located in Barnsley, Yorkshire, adding ice cream to their Cambridgeshire customer's order. - Credit: TikTok/DollysDesserts

Dollys Desserts shows the process of creating the famous bubble waffle and covering it in sauce and toppings before placing a large scoop of ice cream inside.  

“I’m glad she [the customer] came on the weekend so I could actually talk to her and chat about TikTok and stuff, but yeah I don’t know if I’d travel all that way.” 


The finished product on DollysDesserts TikTok page. - Credit: TikTok/DollysDesserts

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