Cambs Euro MEP warns against taking up new mobile phone ‘bundles’ following changes

LOCAL Euro MP Richard Howitt has warned holidaymakers and travellers against taking up a series of new mobile phone ‘bundles’ currently on offer as European roaming prices drop this week.

Bills on mobile phone calls for travellers in Europe came down from July 1 after a recent vote in Europe.

In time for the summer holidays he says Labour Euro MPs voted to regulate not simply the cost of making calls from abroad and receiving calls from home, but also to bring down the charges for “data roaming” when holidaymakers want to download information from the internet.

The Cambridgeshire MEP said: “Mobile phone customers need to be aware that the European Union is demanding the companies slash internet tariffs – known as data roaming – and European call rates from Sunday (1 July 2012).

“The changes should see the cost of making a call drop this year from around 30p/min to 20p/min and the cost of sending a text will fall to 7p. Further changes will follow with the cost of making a call set to fall to 12 p/min - or less - by 2014. Data roaming costs will also be capped for the first time with 1MB costing 40p.”

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Mr Howitt added: “The new lower charges are excellent news for holiday makers heading for Europe this summer.

“The mobile phone companies have been ripping off holidaymakers for too long.

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“It is clear that their current offers of new ‘bundled’ European roaming deals are an attempt to find a loophole to avoid passing on the hard fought for reductions.”

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