Cambs Libraries service doesn’t write when reserved book is available any more - it now sends an e-mail

SOME of your readers might not have noticed the quiet withdrawal of a Cambridgeshire Libraries service, which has caused me a little annoyance.

In the good old days the service wrote to me when a book I had reserved was available. Not any more! They’ll send an e-mail, but what if one doesn’t have an e-mail address? Tough luck.

I have suggested alternatives to e-mails but they have fallen on stony ground.

Reserved books are held “for a minimum of 16 days”, but if one doesn’t go into the library during that period there’s a chance that a book will be missed.

When the good times come again I sincerely hope that the library service will bear in mind the needs and wishes of oldies like me.

Incidentally, Janet and her staff at March Library are always charming and helpful.


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