Cambs MEP urges Southern Cross to notify Fenland residents if homes will close

A CARE home operator in turmoil has been urged to tell residents and their families if any of its homes in Fenland will close or suffer through job cuts.

Southern Cross, which runs four care homes in Fenland, yesterday announced plans to slash its workforce in a battle to avert financial meltdown.

Following the announcement, Cambridgeshire Euro MP Richard Howitt said: “People living in Southern Cross care homes and their relatives are sick and tired of shareholders being put before residents.

“This is another kick in the teeth for vulnerable pensioners. Why should they suffer the consequences of terrible financial management?

“As Southern Cross lurches from crisis to crisis the uncertainty and upset being suffered by residents and their families multiplies. On top of the worry about being turfed out of the place they call home they will now fret that the quality of their care will be cut too.

“Job cuts are bound to mean a loss of skilled and experienced staff so how can the company give a cast iron guarantee that this will not compromise the quality of care for residents?

“Southern Cross is on the critical list and we are running out of time for the government to pledge to bail out Southern Cross if the worst comes to the worst as surely our elderly mums, dads and grandparents deserve as much support as the banks?”

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Southern Cross operates four homes in Fenland: Broad Oaks in March, Dove Court in Wisbech, Friday House in Friday Bridge and Strathmore House in Elm.

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