Cambs Olympic star backs police drink drive campaign

CAMBRIDGESHIRE gymnast and three-time Olympic star Louis Smith, is supporting Cambridgeshire Constabulary’s drink drive campaign.

The Christmas drink drive campaign which launched last week, with more than 2,000 vehicles stopped and 15 arrests made so far.

Louis, who trains at Huntingdon and is one of the stars of this year’s Strictly Come Dancing competition said: “I think Christmas is a great time for everyone to celebrate and spend time with their families and loved ones. For me it’s usually the one time of the year I get to really relax away from the hectic nature of my day-to-day life.

“Drink driving has the potential to be damaging to so many people. It can affect lives forever and take away lives so it’s something I feel so passionately about helping prevent.

“It’s only too clear to see how horrific the consequences can be for anyone implicated by an accident caused by drink driving.

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“It’s great that the police will be out and about helping to prevent accidents caused by drink driving but I just want to appeal to everyone especially in the local area to think first before getting in your cars after enjoying a Christmas drink.”

PC Steve Gedny said: “I’m really pleased Louis is supporting our Christmas drink drive campaign, it’s great to have a local celebrity championing the cause.

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“I hope our message - there is no excuse for drink driving - reaches as many people as possible.”

The campaign is also reminding people about the confidential hotline to report drink drivers and those driving under the influence of drugs.

Using the 0800 032 0845 number, which is available 24/7, people can supply police with information about drink and drug drivers.

PC Gedny added: “We know there are people out there who still feel it is acceptable to drive under the influence and there are also people who know who these offenders are.

“They may not feel comfortable reporting drink and drug drivers so the confidential line allows people to do this without having to leave their details.”

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