Police ban Facebook comments to stop anti beagle protestors ‘hijack’ 

Camp Beagle memorial

A candle lit memorial set up by supporters last week outside MBR Acres “to remember the thousands of puppies taken from this vile breeding facility over the year and sent to laboratories where they are put through horrendous tests of torture”. - Credit: Camp Beagle

Police suspended public comments on their Facebook page to stop articles being ‘hijacked’ by supporters of Camp Beagle. 

Cambridgeshire Police says, in a statement, that they remain “fully committed to freedom of expression on our social media accounts”. 

They recognise what is happening at Wyton near Huntingdon “is an emotive issue. 

“However, facilitating comments at this time would allow posts to be taken over by a single issue, to the detriment of people’s views and opinions on a variety of other policing issues”. 

The statement explains that readers of their Facebook page would have seen or heard in recent weeks of their presence at Wyton “where protests have been taking place relating to the breeding of beagle dogs. 

“Our response to these protests has been impartial and proportionate, balancing the right to protest with the right of staff at the site to go about their lawful work. 

“We are ensuring a safe environment for protestors to express their views peacefully and staff at the site to do their work, which is protected under the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005.” 

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But the statement added that the protests “have also led to numerous comments and images being posted beneath content on this account”, 

The result has been “drowning out the voice of others wanting to comment on the actual content of posts.  

“As a consequence, we will be temporarily suspending comments on future posts”.