Cambs Police introduces comfort toys scheme to help young victims

CAMBRIDGESHIRE Police have introduced a ‘comfort toys’ scheme to reduce the stress children suffer after being involved in a serious collision or firearms incident.

All traffic and firearms vehicles will carry soft toys to comfort children while emergency services deal with the incident.

The Cambridgeshire scheme, which was first introduced by Wiltshire police, was set up by Enquiry Offer Jackie Gadd after she heard about the success Wiltshire were having.

Jackie raised it with the St Neots Police Charity Ball committee, which she is part of, and they agreed to fund the scheme.

Jackie said: “When I heard about the Wiltshire scheme I thought in would be a great initiative to introduce in Cambridgeshire.

“Several years ago my children and I were involved in an eight-vehicle collision on the M25 which was extremely distressing for the children.

“I’m convinced that if they had been given a teddy to cuddle while the incident was dealt with it would have reduced their stress significantly.”

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Chief Insp Mike Winters said: “Being involved in or witness to a serious collision on the M25 which was extremely distressing for the children.

“The introduction of the ‘comfort toys’ will allow officers to offer children involved some comfort to help reduce the stress of this experience.

“Several forces are already using the toys and have found they help to calm down children.”

Soft toys were donated by the Disney Store in Peterborough and Mothercare in Huntingdon gave a substantial discount on their toys.

Ms Gadd said: “I am grateful to the Disney Store and Mothercare for their help generosity.”

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