Cambs Police launch week-long seatbelt crackdown on drivers who fail to buckle-up

CAMBRIDGESHIRE Police will this morning begin a week-long crackdown on drivers who fail to wear their seatbelt when travelling on the county’s roads.

Drivers found breaking the law will be given a �60 fixed penalty notice as part of the campaign organised by Traffic Information System Police (TISPOL) across Europe.

More than 2,000 drivers were fined by police in Cambridgeshire last year after being caught committing the offence.

Chris Skepper, roads policing unit inspector, said: “Seatbelts save lives and it astonishes me that some people continue to risk theirs by not buckling up.

“Putting your seatbelt on should be part of your routine before even starting your car and drivers should be responsible for ensuring all passengers wear theirs.

“This campaign is not just about fining people for breaking the law, it’s also about giving them valuable advice which could one day save their life.”

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