Cambs Police Officer gives account of Wisbech anti-shoplifting foot patrol

Cambridgeshire Police

Cambridgeshire Police - Credit: Archant

A CAMBS Police officer shares his account of an anti-shoplifting foot patrol in Wisbech last week.


We headed straight to the centre of the Market place. We parked up and we then carried out our patrols.

We went inside virtually every store speaking with staff and security staff informing them of the operation.

Our presence was greatly welcomed and we received numerous comments that people would love to see uniformed officers wearing their custodians out on foot in the town more often.

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We headed over to Asda and parked our marked police van outside at the front of the store.

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Upon entering we spoke with security officer XXXXX again informing him of the operation and we even gave him our mobex number in case he needed us directly.

After patrolling the store we then had a coffee inside the store. This was also welcomed by staff as the public could clearly see us.


We returned to the Horsefair leaving our van outside Asda’s.

Whilst walking through the shopping complex we received lots of positive feedback from members of the public.

We also saw several of our local nominals.

One incident of note was we saw XXXXXXX inside Boots, upon seeing officers she did not remain in the area for long and she left without purchasing anything.

We then paid a visit to all of the smaller shops located on the Horsefair/North Brink including Hos-spice and the Country Fayre and we spoke with the owners.

They were very happy to see officers and thanks us for taking times to visit their stores.

Unfortunately a shoplifting incident occurred at the Hos-spice charity store.

A male and female entered the store and the female managed to make off with a jacket to the value of £7 replacing her old jacket on the hanging.

The owner phoned the PSC to report a crime whilst myself and another officer along with a member of staff carried out an area search for the couple. We were unsuccessful in locating them.


Headed to Tesco’s and carried out a patrol of the store before stopping for some lunch.

After this we visited Brantano’s and Lidl’s as well as Aldi’s.

We spoke with all staff again informing them of the operation and they were all very positive.

On a lighter note we had a really good day, my feet are aching ever so slightly and I really enjoyed it.

So many people stopped to speak to us and I have to share with you some of the comments made:

“You too look like you are barely out of nappies!”

“You know your helicopter? It sounds like it has a circular saw inside it.” (The little old man made this comment and stared blankly at us. Officers were very confused and could not think of any suitable reply so we said enthusiastically yes it does!)

“There is a sign outside the pub on the corner of Duke Street. It’s rather large.”

“Wow police officers in helmets? I thought you were extinct!”

“Oink Oink” (how original)

“There is a man driving a van in Wisbech St Mary and he does not wear his seatbelt. I am awfully worried for his safety.”

“I am taking the MET to court just us you know.”

Do you know Andy? Well he was in the cadets and he drives 45 mph in a 30.”

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