Cambs Police Victims Hub, which will help victims recover from crime ordeal, set to launch in Cambridgeshire


- Credit: Archant

A place where victims of crime will receive the support they need to help them recover from the ordeal will launch next week.

From October 1, Cambs Police’s Victims Hub will offer support to victims of crime in Cambridgeshire.

Sir Graham Bright, Police and Crime Commissioner for Cambridgeshire, said: “I have long been a believer that the commissioning of support services for the victims of crime is best done at a local, rather than a national, level.

“By involving local people with local knowledge we are able to develop local solutions which provide the victims with the level of support they need.

“This integrated service allows us to quickly assess the needs of individuals and co-ordinate the delivery of the right services from across a range of agencies – particularly important for the most vulnerable in our society.”

The Victims’ Hub, which is staffed by a team of victim care co-ordinators, will be led by Steve Welby.

He said: “The impact of crime on victims can vary from person to person. This new service will allow support to be offered to those people with the most need.

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“This will lead to greater confidence and satisfaction throughout the whole process, from reporting a crime through to attending court and beyond.

“The victim care co-ordinators will have local knowledge of what is available within the county. They will also be able to identify any gaps in service to inform future commissioning.

“The Victims’ Hub reflects our aim to keep the victim at the heart of our service.”

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