Letters on misleading the public, virtual meetings and cheer at care home

Some of the team at Glennfiled Care Home in Wisbech

Some of the team at Glennfiled Care Home in Wisbech - Credit: GLENNFIELD CARE HOME FACEBOOK

Misleading the public

In reference to the article published on December 18 titled "councillor blames ‘hateful people’ for his decision to quit as chairman”.

Mr Tierney claims to be the target of so called “hateful people”, but fails to answer the obvious question, why him?

Yes, politicians are often not the most popular individuals, but why is Mr Tierney being singled out as the subject of such powerful dislike by so many?

I offer below some insight from a personal perspective.

When running the FACT campaign, and despite being strangers, Mr Tierney’s threw a number of allegations in my direction.

On one occasion he claimed we were “attacking a service for the elderly, disabled and vulnerable” and insinuated these attacks were motivated through personal gain. An unprovoked and distasteful allegation.

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Stopping eyewatering amounts of the public purse being abused cost me seven years of my life and tens of thousands in loss of earnings, so where was the personal gain?

As for attacking FACT’s services, of course, as everyone knows, this was false.

We were attacking the illegal and immoral practices against us and the public purse, not the services themselves.

To give credit to that attack Mr Tierney referred to a Council meeting he had recently attended.

Regarding FACT, he declared he “knows” the committee “pretty much unanimously said that they didn’t agree there was a case of merit here.”

The truth, as exposed by the minutes of that meeting, “Councillor Mrs Bucknor asked if FACT could be added to the work program…”

The chair then announced she was “unsure if this is something for the panel to be looking at when the police are involved.”

So, that it was ‘unanimously’ decided the case had no ‘merit’, as with his unpleasant allegations, seemingly pure fabrication!

He even told the public Cllr Bucknor “didn’t take the opportunity to say she agreed…” with the campaign.

When she was clearly the one who raised the issue.

Is it acceptable to apparently mislead the public and misrepresent the findings of council meetings to fuel a well-known personal spat with another councillor?

Certainly not in the public’s interest!

95% of what I claimed about FACT was proven correct, for one simple reason, my claims are based on evidence, not invention.

Likewise, many of Mr Tierney’s public outbursts can be evidenced false, with an apparent motive to cause ill feeling and incite others to attack the “hateful” who simply challenge his behaviour.

Many in Peterborough disliked the Christmas tree Wisbech has now inherited, dare a Wisbech resident choose to dislike it, this time they were labelled “Miserable Folk”.

Mr Tierney, stop pleading the innocent victim, go through life making disingenuous and spiteful attacks against people, that’s your prerogative, but don’t then expect to be liked for it.


Can't Sing Choir

March Can’t Sing Choir sends a virtual Christmas greeting to all its members sadly denied the opportunity to get together for much of this year. 

Your committee wishes you as best a Christmas as possible under the Covid-19 restrictions and may you enjoy a healthy and happy new year. 

We shall meet again in 2021 to enjoy the fun and health-giving benefits of singing in a group and in public.

Keep fingers crossed for a swift return to normal, and a successful vaccination programme to protect us all. 

Keep well, keep safe, stay warm, and raise a glass to those less fortunate than ourselves.

DAVID PYE, secretary of March Can't Sing Choir

Wildlife Warriors

We are group of students attending The University of Bath on a master’s degree, as part of the course we are preparing a wildlife project targeted at both parents and children.

The aim is to raise awareness of the vulnerable species in the UK. In particular hedgehogs, puffins, adders and starlings.

Whilst it causes great concern, we wanted to raise awareness in a fun and light hearted manner.

To date we have created a Facebook page titled The Wildlife Warriors and have been posting information posters and videos to raise awareness of the situation.

All videos have been designed with all national restrictions in mind, meaning they are easy to do and only require readily available household items for example cardboard boxes plastic bottles etc.

One of our videos demonstrates how to make eco brick plastic puffins out of tightly packed plastic packaging and bottles; a great way to prevent plastics being released into the environment: www.facebook.com/UKWildlifeWarriors

The page is designed to provide a fun way to educate children about these issues whilst creating opportunities for both parents and children to have fun together during these difficult times.

If you have any questions, we would love the opportunity to answer them


Virtual meeting 

After this strange year with its monthly events, talks and walks cancelled, The March Society held its first online meeting last week for members and guests.

Richard Park from Anglian Water hosted a very informative and interactive Zoom talk in which he explained the role of Anglian Water particularly in the Fenland region.

The company supplies drinking water to over four million customers, provides sewage services to over six million customers and has about 5,000 employees.

The average spend per customer is £1.21 per day.

Like many companies, Anglian Water faces challenges relating to climate change, population and economic growth as well as environmental protection.

The flat nature of the fens together with the least amount of annual rainfall than anywhere else in the country causes problems unique to our region.

The building of new houses and the need to supply water to large tracts of agricultural land provide additional challenges.

The biggest domestic use of water is for personal washing (32%) and toilet flushing (33%). Smart meters are being introduced gradually.

Trials have shown that these can reduce domestic water usage by about eight per cent and they are able to quickly spot any new leaks (leakage is currently responsible for the loss of up to 150 million litres of water each day).

Richard also told us about their ‘Priority Service Register’ which is available to help individuals who need more support with meter reading, bill payment, access to water if supply interrupted.

Customers can apply for this service online or tel: 03457 919155.

Questions from the Zoom participants included issues around lead pipes, a reservoir in the fens, liaison with Middle Level, water purification and water quality compared to bottled water.

The March Society continues its work in commenting on planning applications and following up on residents’ concerns as well as taking part in community activities as allowed under Covid-19 rules.

Do contact The March Society email info@themarch society.org.uk, website www.themarchsociety.org.uk and The March Society on Facebook and Twitter @marchsociety.


Plenty of Christmas cheer

Glennfield Care Home in Wisbech held their first-ever synchronised Christmas Light Switch-on, with the other 32 Excelcare homes.

Inviting residents, relatives and friends of their homes to celebrate with them in person and virtually, as they watched their lights shine for the first time and joined together in carol singing to spread festive cheer. 

Many of our care homes took to Facebook to share a live stream of the event, as well as photos and videos of the precious memories created on the day

The festive Christmas light switch was enjoyed by everyone at Glennfield. Even Santa and Mrs Frosty came and enjoyed the occasion (aka the lifestyle coordinator team).

A full trolley was taken around by Santa and Mrs Frosty, offering cakes and drinks, which certainly put a smile on everyone?s face getting them into the festive spirit.

Not only outside but inside Glennfield it is just like a Christmas grotto. Every corner you turn there are magnificent Christmas trees.

Some traditional and others with a twist. One that shines out bright and is very tall but slim, silver coloured tree with silver decorations to match.

In all units you will find a lit-up sign saying welcome to their individual units i.e. 'welcome to forget me not unit'. 

There are red and white large poles with signs pointing to the North Pole, Grinch Town and Santas Lounge.

Happy Christmas from everyone Glennfield Care Home.


Vaccine questions 

Many people are now asking questions about COVID-19 and the vaccine. Below are a number of these questions.

1 Why didn't the Government, back in March 2020, when they told us that there was a world pandemic of the COVID-19 virus and that millions of people would die, make mask wearing compulsory?

2 Why did they wait six months until the virus had all but died-out before making mask-wearing compulsory?

3 Why was it OK to allow more people to die by relaxing the restrictions over Christmas so that the rest of us could have a good time?

4 Why has the Government given large pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer and Astra Zenica immunity from prosecution if their vaccine causes injury?

This kind of immunity has never been given to any other commercial organization!

5 Why has the UK media ignored (censored) the concerns of thousands of medical and scientific professionals from around the world? These people can only be heard on the Internet.

6 Why are courts refunding the fixed penalties that were levied on people for not wearing masks and ignoring social distancing?

The reason is the police do not have the power to enforce 'Guidelines'.

7 Why are shops forcing their staff to wear masks that can harm their health?

A staff member that suffers as a result can sue their employer as indeed they can for any kind of negligence.

8 What reason or agenda could medical professionals have for making anti-COVID-19 regulation comments if they are supposed to save lives?

For more information about these issues check-out this website. http://judgeforyourself.co.uk


Thank you for staying open 

I would like to give a big thank you to all shops in March who have worked tirelessly for us through this terrible year, putting theirs and their families health at risk.

They deserve a round of applause.