Campaign launched to get improved bus services for Whittlesey after bus operator claims there is “no demand” for it

Whittlesey Bus Park. Picture: Steve Williams.

Whittlesey Bus Park. Picture: Steve Williams. - Credit: Archant

Whittlesey residents are being urged to make their voices heard and challenge a bus operator’s stance that the town doesn’t need improved bus services.

With the demise of Judds Transport, the town has been left with a bus shortage, meaning commuters are left with no alternative but to fork out for taxis. However, Stagecoach claims there is no demand for more buses.

Their stance has prompted Whittlesey Town Council to issue a rallying cry to fed-up commuters to let their frustrations be known.

Former Mayor, Councillor David Mason, said: “For almost two years now I have been lobbying Stagecoach through Fenland District Council and Cambridgeshire County Council for improved bus services to and from Peterborough for our residents in Whittlesey and the surrounding villages who rely on public transport for social and business reasons, particularly employment opportunities.

“I believe the need for improved services from Stagecoach has increased of late with the demise of Judds Transport which has left the area with a further shortage of buses and handed Stagecoach a monopoly situation.

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“The main issues are over crowded buses in the early morning and lack of any buses after 6.40pm resulting in anyone wishing to travel after this time having to pay taxi fares of between £15 and £20.

“The latest suggestion of Cambridgeshire County Council is for late night travellers to use the 7.50pm or 9.45pm train from Peterborough to Whittlesea railway station at a cost of £4.50, a solution which I regard as impracticable, particularly for those living further along the A605 in Eastrea and Coates.”

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Councillor Mason says the comments he has received from Stagecoach suggest that they believe “there is little or no demand for extended bus services”.

He said: “Whittlesey Town Council has given official backing to a publicity campaign to challenge the assertions of Stagecoach that there is no requirement or evidence to support improved bus services.

“However, the evidence supporting the need for improved services can only come from the general public and if there is sufficient support for this campaign the findings will be put to both Cambridgeshire County Council and Stagecoach.

“I will also approach other bus companies with a view to their tendering in competition to Stagecoach should the public deem this to be necessary.”

To support the campaign for improved bus services, write to Whittlesey Town Council offices at Grosvenor House, Grosvenor Road, Whittlesey PE7 1AQ or by e-mail to

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