Campaigners continue to fight for reduced speed limit on 60mph Fenland road

CAMPAIGNERS fighting for a 30mph speed limit on a Fenland road continue to demand that traffic should be slowed down.

Residents are bombarding Cambridgeshire County Council officials and MPs with letters insisting that the speed limit on Gull Road, 60mph, should be halved. Campaigners are also collecting signatures for a petition.

John Gray, from Guyhirn, said: “It is ridiculous that traffic is currently allowed to travel along the road at 60 mph.

“I am very concerned that there is going to be a serious accident; and it is affecting the villagers’ quality of life. Lorries thundering past make a lot of noise and a lot of vibration; if their speed was reduced, it would make a significant difference.”

The call for a speed reduction in Gull Road comes at the same time that villagers are also campaigning for a reduction in speed limits outside the school.

Referring to Gull Road, Mr Gray said in the parish magazine: “It is unfortunate that motorists - many from local villages - see fit to race along the road at breakneck speeds with disregard for the people who live here.”

“Gull Road has seen various accidents and near misses. The latest being at Tall Trees, where a car left 50-foot skid marks before demolishing the sign and just missing a large tree.”

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Mr Gray also claims that Cambridgeshire County Council’s highways department is “dragging its heels” over the speed reductions in Guyhirn.

Campaign letters have been sent to members of Fenland District Council, MP Steve Barclay, the Secretary of State for Transport, the Highways Department and the Traffic Management Department of Cambridgeshire County Council.

A village road safety meeting is to be held in the village hall on Tuesday 28 June at 7.30pm.

Gavin Booth, a Fenland District Councillor and chairman of the Fenland Rural Road Safety Action Network, said: “With the high accident rate on Fenland roads compared to the rest of the country, it is vital that this issue is addressed as a priority.”

A Cambs County Council spokesman, said: “We have received a number of representations from local people and we are aware of the residents petition.

“We are currently gathering information on the use of the road and traffic speeds and that data will inform discussions about any potential future changes to the speed limit on the road.

“Those discussions will also take local opinion fully into account.”

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