Campaigning couple who claimed Wisbech get “crumbs from the table” top poll in shock of the day

A COUPLE who complained that Wisbech “receives the crumbs from the table” pulled off a remarkable feat by dispatching both Tory councillors from the Waterlees ward.

Tireless championing by Michael and Virginia Bucknor of Wisbech being the under dog when it comes to provision of public services struck a cord with voters who gave them a decisive, poll topping mandate.

Their campaign included references to the axing of Fenland Court, the closure of the driving test centre in the town, and closure of the Register Office.

They told their electorate: “We need councillors prepared to back the concerns of residents and put Wisbech at the forefront and not blindly serve a political party because party politics often prevents councillors having a free vote.”

They defeated sitting Tory councillors David Wheeler and Ray Griffin, and knocked Labour into third place and UKIP into fourth.

It was a spectacularly bad night for the sole Liberal Democrat Christopher Hancox who got one of the lowest votes of any candidate across the whole of Fenland- just 31.

Mrs Bucknor said: “We do come as a pair, like all married couples do, but we have our own opinions

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“We’re truly independent of any party. We are independent of the other independents but hopefully if they hold the same values and beliefs as us we will support each other.”

She added that if they disagree with each other “we will say. However, we usually always agree with each other. We share almost identical views.”

Mr Bucknor said: “We campaigned as a pair because there were two seats and we wanted both votes.

“We were not concerned about only one of us getting in because we had discussed that. We would support the other one fully if they got in.

“We are of course absolutely delighted that we’ve both got in together.”


-2 seats-

Michael Bucknor (Ind) 381

Virginia Bucknor (Ind) 392

Paul Clapp (UKIP) 165

Barry Diggle (Lab) 186

Avis Gilliatt (Lab) 177

Ray Griffin (Con) 298

Christopher Schooling (UKIP) 137

David Wheeler (Con) 285

Turn out: 27.02 per cent

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