Can our MP, that’s Steve Barclay, save a branch of Barclays (no relation) under threat of closure in Littleport?

Barclays bank, in Main Street, Littleport.Picture: GOOGLE.

Barclays bank, in Main Street, Littleport.Picture: GOOGLE. - Credit: Archant

MP Steve Barclay is to meet bank chiefs to try and halt the planned closure of a branch in Littleport.

“Littleport is a growing town and should not be losing amenities such as banks,” said Mr Barclay.

Instead, he argued, customers should be enjoying “better and improved facilities. Some people rely on the branch and it is clearly important that Barclays reconsider this decision.”

Barclays says it will close its branch in Littleport after a shift to online banking caused a slump in footfall.

The bank says the Main Street branch has experienced a 63 per cent drop in customers since 2008, primarily due to people shifting their banking online.

The branch will close on October 9. Staff have been offered employment at other branches.

Mr Barclay is set to meet bank representatives including Kathryn Kitson, community leader for North West Anglia. He says he will ask them to reconsider the decision because of the impact it will have on those customers who rely heavily on the branch for their financial transactions

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Richard Creak, president of the Littleport Society raised concerns over the bank’s plans with Mr Barclay, MP for North East Cambs.

He pointed out 50 years ago when Littleport had a population of 3,500 there were three banks operating in the village. Now the population is 9,500 with plans for more new housing and also a new secondary school and leisure centre there is only one – Barclays.

Barclays in a letter to Mr Barclay, informing him of their proposals, explained over 80 per cent of customers already use another branch and pointed out there is one in Ely.