Police finally pull car from Fens river

Car that went into the river at March finally removed today.

Car that went into the river at March finally removed today. Police had been aware of it since the beginning of the month. - Credit: Fenland Police

A car that left the road and entered the Twenty Foot Road opposite Graysmoor Drove, March, has finally been pulled from the river. 

Fenland Police swung into action today after the car once again surfaced.  

Twice before they had been called to the scene following reports of the car being seen.  

A police spokesperson confirmed the car had been seen before – and prompted a major alert the first time it was spotted on September 4.  

Police had not been able to remove the vehicle earlier since responsibility for the removal costs fell to the insurance company. 

“The vehicle could not be seen and at the time we had no power to remove the vehicle, it was passed to the insurance company to move,” said the spokesperson. 

“However today the vehicle could be seen and was removed under police powers.  

Recovery under way of car in river at March

Recovery under way of car in river at March - Credit: Fenland Police

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“The local river authority was also informed and were aware when it first went in.” 

The car entered the river “from an earlier incident on September 4 and was waiting to be recovered”.   

Until they arrived, police were still not sure it was the same vehicle – so multiple emergency services were called. 

"Once emergency crews arrived on scene it was established that it was a vehicle, we were aware of,” said the spokesperson. 

“Emergency crews checked the river to make sure there were no other vehicles in the water.  

“Due to the vehicle being visible from the road today we have recovered the vehicle under Road Traffic Act powers.” 

Earlier this emergency services were called after concerns were raised by local swimmers of a vehicle that was found in the Twenty Foot Bank at March.  

Neighbourhood police officers, the Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service and the Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire Roads Policing Unit were called to the scene.