Car park ban for man given two year ASBO

PROLIFIC offender Luke Howe has been banned from all car parks in Fenland during night time hours, as part of a two year anti social behaviour imposed on him this week.

Howe’s misdemeanours in car parks include causing alarm and distress to a driver when he approached a vehicle with a metal object in his hand, and attempting to break into two vehicles.

The ASBO has also banned Howe from the Tesco store in Wisbech; he must not enter the store or the petrol station at any time of the day or night. He must not enter car parks between 8pm and 6am.

Fenland magistrates were told about Howe’s “unenviable” list of 44 previous convictions, which include an assault on a security guard at Tesco, and thefts from the store.

Applying for the ASBO, Andrew Logan on behalf of the Chief Constable told the court that Howe is currently on licence from a previous jail sentence.

A schedule of anti-social incidents committed by Howe, 25, or Norwich Road, Wisbech, was put before the court. It included breaking into a house in Norfolk and threatening the female occupier with violence before stealing her car, and swearing at a PCSO in Wisbech Park.

He has convictions for theft, including the stealing of money and jewellery from an address he was allowed into after release from prison in 2008, the theft of cash from another address in Wisbech, and two thefts of alcohol from Tesco.

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Solicitor Roger Glazebrook said Howe did not agree with all the schedule of incidents put before the court, but did not oppose the imposition of an ASBO.

After the court hearing, Sgt Dave Bax of the police professional development unit said: “The ASBO will go some way to preventing Luke Howe from breaking into cars in car parks and will cut down on vehicle crime. It will allow him to know which areas he must not go to. The order will be closely monitored, and we will always enforce breaches of an order.”