Car parking spaces in Fenland lorry park nearly treble in second redesign in less than a year

The number of car parking spaces at a lorry park in March has more nearly trebled after it was redesigned for the second time in nine months.

Up to 20 spaces were lost last October when contractors carried out work on the City Road lorry park but the new design has increased the number of car parking bays from 13 to 34.

Fenland District Council has nearly halved the number of lorry parking spaces to allow more cars to park after a survey showed a maximum of seven lorries used the park at any one time - and that was on just three occasions.

The survey, which was carried out late last year, concluded that provision for lorries exeeded demand and cars routinely parked outside of marked bays, often blocking people from exiting their parking space.

In October Councillor Jan French called the work, that left people wondering where to park as no signs were put in place, an “absolute shambles”.

Cllr French, portfolio holder for planning improvements, said: “I’m delighted that the work to reline the lorry park is done as long as the work is of a good standard. It’s good that people will know where to park now.

“It was a nightmare before where no one knew where to park but now I hope it will encourage people to use it and to come and shop in March.”

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The new design, which was completed last week includes road markings to direct traffic to make it easier for people to get in and out of the lorry park.

Cambridgeshire County Council were asked by the district council to ban parking in and around City Road to improve access to the lorry park and are likely to introduce a prohibition of waiting order - effectively no waiting at any time - within a few months.

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