Car was damaged by man in Fenland village who heard voices in his head telling him to kill neighbour

VOICES in Todd Germeney’s head told him to kill his next door neighbour - but instead he damaged their car, a court heard.

Police were called to the scene and violent and abusive Germeney swung punches and was sprayed with incapacitant to calm him down.

“Drugs have affected him, he has been diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic,” Fenland magistrates were told today by solicitor Roger Glazebrook.

Germeney, 26, of Heron Way, Benwick, admitted causing �30 worth of damage to a car’s windscreen wiper, wheel arch and rear windscreen in the village on November 17.

Germeney’s neighbour had heard shouting and abuse and looking out of the window had seen Germeney punch the rear of his vehicle, said prosecutor Andrea Fawcett. The windscreen wiper was found on the ground.

When police arrived, Germeney poked an officer in the chest and was warned about his abusive behaviour.

Ms Fawcett said: “He continued to act aggressively, he swung a punch at an officer and he was parva sprayed. He continued to swing his arms and was taken to the ground and restrained.”

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Germeney told police that he could hear voices in his head, telling him to kill his neighbour, but instead he took out his frustration on the vehicle.

Mr Glazebrook said: “He realised that was not the way to deal with it.” Germeney’s prescription has since been adjusted, he added.

The magistrates gave Germeney a one-year conditional discharge and ordered him to pay �30 compensation and �85 costs.

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