Caravan enthusiasts ask: ‘What’s this Cambridgeshire flag?’ It’s the county council flag, says competition organiser

Cambridgeshire Flag, Left: Ken and Heather Batchelor with the Cambridgeshire flag they bought from L

Cambridgeshire Flag, Left: Ken and Heather Batchelor with the Cambridgeshire flag they bought from Lincoln. Picture: Steve Williams. - Credit: Archant

Caravan enthusiasts Heather and Ken Batchelor were left bemused by a competition to find a new county flag for Cambridgeshire.

A competition has been launched by Andrew Strangeway, from Yorkshire, to create a Cambridgeshire flag after discovering the county lacks its own emblem.

The Batchelors, of March, responded to the competition by sharing this flag, which they bought at a caravan rally in Lincoln two years ago.

Mr Batchelor said: “We were at a rally in Lincoln two years ago and there was a stall selling county flags. I commented to the lady running the stall that it was a shame Cambridgeshire didn’t have a flag for us to fly on our caravan.

“She replied ‘but it does’ and promptly produced a flag in a package labelled ‘Cambridgeshire’.

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“It cost £5 and we bought it with the intention of flying it the next time we took the caravan out, but to be honest we haven’t actually done that.

“We are bit confused about why there is this search for a flag for Cambridgeshire, when it appears we already have a perfectly good flag.”

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However Mr Strangeway, a self-employed decorator from York, says the Batchelors’ flag is the Cambridgeshire County Council flag and does not represent Cambridgeshire.

Mr Strangeway said: “The UK Flag Registry website shows all the counties that have a registered flag. Cambridgeshire is not includedso it does not have a flag.

“The flag acts as a symbol for the county. It is amazing that Cambridgeshire does not have one as there is so much cultural heritage in the county.”

Mr Strangeway is running an online vote to choose one of six designs to become the Cambridgeshire flag. The competition runs until December 31.

To vote, visit

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