Carer heads out to Uganda on charity mission

A CARE worker hopes to set up a sports academy on a charity mission to Uganda.

Jamie Prowse also hopes to build a music hall for kids when he flies out to the African country for three months in August.

The 22-year-old volunteered for the goodwill operation after his five years as a community support worker in the Fens persuaded him he could make difference on the other side of the world.

His generosity has been taken up by The Reverend Dr Nsereko Isaac, from the country’s education and sports ministry, who will oversee Mr Prowse’s efforts.

The Nextsteps carer, who currently lives in March while working in Peterborough, said: “I’ve wanted to so something like this since I was at school.

“I have always been really interested in it and when the opportunity came up I jumped at it.

“I’m excited about it now and I just want to get on the plane.”

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Mr Prowse’s boss Steve Croxton said his young employee was “really motivated to get out there”.

He said: “He’s been keen to do it for years so I said for him to get himself sorted so I could organise for him to go to Uganda.”

Mr Croxton contacted The Reverend Dr Isaac to offer Mr Prowse’s services for a Ugandan orphanage.

The representative from country’s National Task Force for Curriculum Development then visited the UK to discuss with Mr Prowse what he could give during his time there.

The Reverend Dr Isaac said: “The best way to help orphans is to develop their talents.

“This young man is gifted at sports, so that is going to help a lot of orphans.”

He also said orphans often sneak off into towns and cities because they have a passion for music - and then get into trouble while they are missing.

He hopes Mr Prowse’s building experience will help to satisfy young people’s musical taste within the orphanage.

Although Mr Prowse has funding to go out to Uganda, he wants to raise as much money as possible to take out there for his visit.

Anyone interested in donating money or items should contact him on 07985 147964.

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