LETTER: Stop this £8m regeneration of March: it’s going to be a disaster 

Present day and vision for Broad Street, March: 

Present day and vision for Broad Street, March - Credit: FDC

I have written to MP Stephen Barclay about the plans for Broad Street, March.  

I realise there is no longer a letters page in Cambs Times so perhaps you could join me, and all the other people who object in stirring some clear thinking.  

So, there is £8 million but if they ruin our historic town centre on a vanity project so what? 

If they would fix up George's, Acre Road, The Palace and blow up the old Barclays Bank building that would be great but this is an abomination. 

Here’s my letter to our MP Stephen Barclay.  

March Regeneration Plan 

We have now studied the Fenland website and visited the presentation at March Library and are more concerned than ever about the plans. We were told that they had been approved by Fenland District Council that is not true. 

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The proposed changes to the Market Place are cosmetic and not controversial.  

The riverside area looks very pretty but the illustration more than exaggerates the space available.  

Present day Broad Street, March

Present day Broad Street, March - Credit: FDC

Moving the toilets to the corner of Grays Lane is putting them out of sight and could give way to vandalism. Where they are, near the bridge, the vandals are more like to be seen. 

Watching the wonderful computer images of free-flowing traffic, it is clear that they do not expect anyone to use the two zebra crossings and have not made provision for vehicles turning left into Dartford Road to turn immediately right into Darthill Road.  

The video shows no lorries crossing from Station Road to Dartford Road and vice versa. Even assuming that the traffic does move more smoothly how does this benefit March shops? This plan is entire designed for traffic not for people. 

Allegedly the air quality in Broad Street is poor, if that is the case what about High Street or Wisbech Road or Station Road. 

High Street will certainly not benefit because at present when you reach Broad Street, heading north, you have made it through the delays that sometimes tail back to The Avenue.  

The traffic immediately splits into west bound and east bound lanes and rapidly moves on. We regularly use the traffic lights and, even at the busiest times, seldom wait for more than one change of lights. 

If a lorry following its Satnav turns into Broad Street from the north, how will it turn round to go back or is the weight limit on the bridge unimportant? 

How is removing all parking from Broad Street going to benefit the shops?  

Have the shops been asked what they think or told of a year of disruption while this all takes place? 

Where will taxis be able to drop disabled passengers close to the new dentist for example? 

Vision for Broad Street

Vision for Broad Street, March - Credit: FDC

I could go on and on but as our elected MP why are you saying this is a ‘Golden Opportunity’ for March. 

At the library there was not one person if favour of the plan and the consensus was to say we don’t want the money if that is what it is to used for.  

The two people doing the presentation kept on referring to the computer model (that was created from data collected on-line) more or less saying computers are never wrong. 

A few years ago, computers said the Sedgemoor wouldn’t flood and the drains and rivers didn’t need dredging – the rest is history! 

Please try to consider your electorate and look seriously at this plan because it is a disaster. 

March needs a third river crossing which will cost many more £ millions than this proposed arrangements but wasting tax payers’ money on this is farcical. 

Residents and drivers in March accept there will be occasional delays and do not complain. They do however complain about inconsiderate parking, if there was some enforcement of traffic regulations March residents would be much more appreciative. 

On that subject should this disastrous plan be implemented it will be necessary to have a permanent traffic warden at the bus bays to stop people parking because they will.  

At present a bus being unable to get into a stop to drop and pick up passengers causes a minor problem but if the road is only two lanes wide a stationary bus will cause chaos.  

At the library they said this won’t happen, what planet are they on? Without enforcement rules are ignored and everyone suffers. 

Please take some notice, this is the time to stop it before more good money is wasted. 

Yours sincerely 

Joan Munns