Catalytic converter marking scheme comes to Fenland after thefts increase

CAR owners can have their vehicle’s catalytic converter marked free of charge at a police event in Fenland next week.

Officers will be on hand to mark the cat converters with a unique code at Yori-S Tyres, in Sandyland, Wisbech, from 9am until 11am on Thursday, June 16.

The cat converters will have the vehicle registration etched onto them, before the number is covered in heat-resistant silver paint.

The event was was organised as thefts of converters have increased in recent months due to the high value of scrap metal.

Detective Inspector Dave Steward said: “There are precious metals inside the cat converters which can be sold for up to �100 at scrap yards.

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“Vehicles most targeted by thieves are 4x4 and pick-up vehicles.”

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