CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Fenland lorry driver who went through red lights in Wisbech

A VIDEO of a Fenland lorry driver apparently driving through red lights in Wisbech is attracting 100 views a day on YouTube.

The lorry is one of 85 belonging to Knowles Transport of Wimblington but is likely to have been visiting their Wisbech depot.

The man who filmed it has not revealed how he came to be following the lorry down Mount Pleasant Road, Wisbech, at precisely the moment the driver ‘jumped’ the lights.

One comment on YouTube described him as “a very sad person. If I was to record peoples driving errors all day long I could make a 20 part series.

“This guy was in the wrong but is plastering his registration all over YouTube is that right? Grow up and get a job; maybe try joining the police force as you seem the guy that would suit the job.”

The man who posted the video added: “Everyone makes mistakes and rest assured no kittens were killed as a result of this one. We are all human after all.”

One viewer said: “I’m not saying the driving hasn’t done wrong, here but it seems clear that, although he moved off before the lights changed, he had seen that the lights on the main road (that he drew onto) had gone to red and the traffic there had stopped. “He was just a bit quick off the mark”

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Tony Knowles, head of the family owned transport firm, declined to comment.

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