Celebrations at Fenland primary school after children witness hatching of chicks

CHILDREN from a Fenland primary school are celebrating the hatching of chicks from their incubator.

Marshland St James Primary School has a purpose built chicken run which houses adult birds and the children collect eggs to take home. School staff take full responsibility for the well-being of the chickens while youngsters get the chance to learn about the life cycle of the animals and how to care for the them.

Sheila Day, head teacher, said: “The children gain so much from the experience of keeping the chickens.

“Apart from appreciating the wonder of seeing a chick hatch, the children learn a great deal about how we need to be responsible for the animals in our care.

“In addition to this, when a child has been going through a difficult time, we have found time helping to care for the chickens can be very therapeutic.”

Many members of the community have provided a home for the school’s chickens but staff take steps in ensuring the animals are going to a good home.

One of the school’s pupils, Angel, aged 7, said she was enjoying the project because the chicks are “cute and cuddly”.

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