Celebrations in March, Manea and Wisbech for Girl Guiding Fenland

OVER 100 members of Girl Guiding Fenland marked World Thinking Day last week with celebration events in Manea, March and Wisbech.

Girls in guiding aged 5-26 and their adult leaders gathered for the celebrations, which mark one of the most significant dates in the guiding calendar.

World Thinking Day is an opportunity for the ten million guides and girl scouts in 145 countries around the world to think about the diversity of the worldwide membership and show appreciation for each other’s lives.

The theme for this year’s event was “we can save our planet” and at the Manea event the girls made footprint pledges of things they could do to help the environment. Brownies and guides from March district learnt all about Mexico, where one of the world associations of guides is located. They made Mexican flags, traditional crafts, sombreros and sampled Mexican food prepared by local senior section members.

In Wisbech, Nigeria was the theme of the day with visitors who taught rainbows and brownies from Wisbech, Elm, Murrow and Leverington some traditional songs and dances.

Three leaders from Wisbech - Jan Cawley, Alison Johnson and Sandra Whinnett - were also presented with awards at the event to recognise their commitment to volunteering with guiding by county commissioner Sue Carpenter.

Rainbow Sophie, aged 6, said, “I really liked taking part in World Thinking Day. It is good to think about people in other countries and what they are doing too.”

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Chris Turnbull, Fenland Division Commissioner, said: “World Thinking Day is a really important occasion for guiding. It is a chance for us to acknowledge that we are part of global organisation that works to give millions of girls, young women and adults’ opportunities to try new things and most importantly make friends and have fun.”